The Milwaukee Outbreak

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The Milwaukee outbreak was evaluated using the results from the stool samples conducted in fourteen clinical labs between March 1 and April 16, 1993 (McKenzie et al., 1994). The study showed no increased in bacterial enteric pathogens. It also showed, before the outbreak, that only 42 Cryptosporidium tested were conducted during the period from March 1 and April 16. However, after the outbreak 1000 Cryptosporidium tests were conducted in a period of seven days (McKenzie et al., 1994). “During each of these intervals, about one-third of sampled tested were positive for Cryptosporidium” (McKenzie et al., 1994). “The percentage of positive Cryptosporidium tests were similar to that of the Carrollton events, which had a rate of 39 percent. These
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