The Mind: Biological and Mental Functions

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The biological and mental functions that are present in the body process the information that is given, and the mind is the mediator of the information that is processed through these biological and mental functions. It constructs an interpretation of the sensory input that is received by both functions. The information that is received by the brain is further interpreted by the mind and it constructs a unique reality from the basic information. The mind as the mediator can be seen in topics such as categorization and bias in social realities, but also in the language and thought of both humans and non-human animals. ***CONSOLIDATE THIS (LESS WORDY)*** The mental and physical processes that work together is what creates the ability for…show more content…
This kind of example shows that the mind can be influenced by more than just the information that they have been given because their minds take into account additional information not just basic information. The mind not only combines categorization, bias, and anchoring in order to make snap judgments about information that has been processed in our biological systems, but it can also change an impression after the initial interaction. This is called adjustment. The idea of adjustment shows that the mind constructs a more perfect reality by adjusting their impressions to account for situation (Gilbert, 2002, 172). This shows that the human mind has the ability to take old-information and re-process it in ways that complete the perception of their social reality. This is clearly advantageous because as stated before, categorization can help to quickly identify information, but it can also lead to misinterpretation of information, so with adjustment the mind has the ability to correct its initial errors. The disadvantages that come with this is the fact that it is slow and that it cannot happen when there is any other kind of information processing happening. Since the mind is active in creating social realities, it is only valid that the mind be active in social interactions as well. A major question that surrounds human language is if different languages
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