The Mind Body Concept Of Healing

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The mind-body concept of healing is not new. What is now called Hypnosis has been known to exist in almost all societies in the past, although its nature has hardly been understood. Although the term “hypnosis” has been used only since the 1840s, priests, shamans, healers and medicine men began using this technique, or some form of it, centuries earlier. Evidence of hypnotic-like phenomena appears in many ancient cultures. There are written records about hypnosis going back 5,000 years in Mesopotamia and Egypt and 2,500 years ago in ancient China and Greece. In ancient Greece, Asklepius the Divine Physician became the focus of a widespread cult and sleeping temples were erected to him all over. In those sleeping temples the sik people would enter a dimly lit stone room called "Abaton" and recline on a stone bench that was elevated on one end, much like a chaise lounge. This bench was called a "Klini", which is the origin of the modern word “clinic.” The patients were prepared for several days in advance with purifying waters, baths, and fasting. They learned to relax into a peaceful calm. Then, on the day of their treatment they would enter the Abaton. They were instructed to recline on the klini, to enter their calm reverie and silently await the attending physician. He would then come into the chamber and whisper his intention to them, based on their illness or condition. He might say, “I’m going to take your headaches away,” or “You can eat anything you want now,

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