The Mind-Body Connection

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Group 7:
The Mind-Body Connection

Friday, November 30, 2012
Principles of Anthropology
Instructor: Adrienne Kitchin

The mind – body connection can be seen as a point of balance between one’s mind and their body; it is the point at which the mind and the body are at equilibrium. "There should be a comprehensive approach for both mind and body. This reciprocal relationship maximizes health benefits, and has exponentially positive consequences beyond the individual." ("Mind-body connection attained," 2012) When one can achieve this connection, they can then attain true happiness far greater than others; there are disciplines that one can train in in order to achieve
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The Philosophical Perspective The mind-body connection alludes to the affinity between the mind and body, specifically in matters of health and well-being. It is founded on the notion that an individual 's thoughts and emotions affect the body, as do social and behavioral factors. “A strong and healthy body is believed to have a positive effect on the mind, and a positive mind correspondingly allows for a healthy strong body” (Clarke, 2001). A philosophical perspective of the mind and body affiliation provides added insight into the various schools of thought regarding the ways in which our minds and our bodies interact. While some 'dualist '-based philosophies suggest that the mind is an entity completely independent of the body and vice versa, 'monoist ' viewpoints propose that the mind and the body are a part of a single being and thus function as one unit accomplishing different objectives. One such stance is the philosophical theory of behaviorism, which holds that “being in a mental state is the same as being in a physical state. In other words, since all that we can know about another person 's state of mind is through their behavior, there is nothing else” (Gatis, 2003). Thus the way one thinks has a direct impact on the way the body functions. For example, if an individual were to say, "I am
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