The Mind Body Identity Theory

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For centuries philosophers have engaged themselves into conversations and arguments trying to figure out the nature of a human person; this has lead to various theories and speculation about the nature of the human mind and body. The question they are tying to answer is whether a human being is made of only the physical, body and brain, or both the physical or the mental, mind. In this paper I will focus on the mind-body Identity Theory to illustrate that it provides a suitable explanation for the mind and body interaction.
Identity Theory
Identity theorists hold the view that the mental events are nothing more than neurological activity of the brain. This theory is a subtype of the materialist view because the human mind
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Argument for Identity Theory
As the tool of scientific investigation increase, the relationship between the mind and the brain has never been more intimate. Chemical changes in our brain could lead to heightened euphoria or it can lead to the most profound depression. Damages to the brain can lead to changes that can eliminate the some abilities of the brain, such as smell, vision, or even the ability to recognized faces. Therefore, this is at that vary lease a powerful correlation between the state of the mind and state of the brain. But this is not enough for the Identity theories, so they go above and beyond this to explain this profound view.
Mind-brain Identity theory is preferable to dualism because it postulates an explanation to the mind-body problem. Dualist believes that ther are two different substances, the physical and the mental. However, dualism does not provide a solution to how these two utterly afferent things can interact with another. That is where Identity theories come in, because they deliver a solution to this issue. They believe that the mind and the brain are one and the same; thus, mental event are the neurological events. Therefore, it does not need have the issue of interaction with its self. This eliminates the interaction problem of the mind and body. This distinction maybe easy to miss, but is vary important to understanding the identity theory. In the
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