The Mind Body Problem And The Existence Of God

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As humans, we refer to each other by names associated to bodies and faces. Some have argued that our body is just an extension of “us”, and we are something else besides the body. This “something” is able to control our bodies, including our brains, and is separate from our bodies. Others have claimed that we are just our bodies, and that the brain controls our actions. This is known as the mind-body problem. In this paper I will be explaining the mind body problem as curated by Rene Descartes. I will do so by first examining Descartes project of Radical skepticism; what he hopes to achieve by explaining it. Then I will briefly outline some of Descartes arguments. Then I will look at Descartes argument for the existence of God. Finally I will show Descartes explanation for the existence of God. Finally, I will show Descartes proof for the existence of the outside of the world. This will frame the condition of the mind-body problem as we know it today. I. To address the issue of the mind body problem, Descartes starts by presenting the argument for universal doubt of all knowledge through the dream argument and the deceiving God argument. He first presents argument for doubting knowledge achieved from senses in the dream argument. He noted there is no definite way to distinguish dream experiences from waking experiences, because perception in dreams resemble perceptions of everyday experiences. Thus, what we assume to be real life may just be a dream. He then presented the
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