The Mind Body Problem By Mark Rowlands

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Like most teenybopper love stories, the romantic drama, Warm Bodies, paints a beautiful picture of what love actually looks like, especially if it was between a zombie and a human being. This movie tells the story of a brain-dead, non-mentally functioning zombie and how true love has the power to turn this creature into a real man again. As stated later, according to the dualism, zombies do not exist, so that whole story line can be thrown out the window. Dualism separates the properties of the mind and the body. By looking at the mind-body problem, the aspects of dualism in it, and the supporting and opposing arguments for dualism, one can understand what the mind truly is. First of all, what is the mind-body problem. Mark Rowlands defines the mind-body problem as a problem of understanding the nature of the mind in his article, “The Mind-Body Problem” on the CREDO website. The mind-body problem focuses on the questions such as what the relationship is between the mind and the body and the relationship between the two properties (Robinson). Physical properties consist of height, shape, color, and the way we move. Meanwhile, mental properties are our beliefs, desires, and consciousness (Robinson). A person’s physical properties are their public information while their mental properties are private and not out in the open for others (Robinson). How exactly do these two different properties relate? There are two ways this can be broken down. First is the ontological question

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