The Mind Body Problem Is Soluble

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Despite the current scientific and philosophical blockades, I will argue that the mind-body problem is soluble. The mind-body problem concerns how consciousness fits into the scientific and physical world. Consciousness seems to many to be irreducible past the point of subjective character experience. It is scientifically baffling at this point in time that the firing of neurons can give rise to this qualitative experience. Physicalists believe that everything can be explained once a language of perfect physics is developed; a seemingly logical conclusion given the constant overturning of previously believed non-physical facts by physics. However, as I will outline, respected philosophers such as Frank Jackson, Joseph Levine, Thomas Nagel and Colin McGinn believe that there are rational reasons to deny physicalism; their arguments complicate the solubility of the mind-body problem. I will explore each of those philosopher’s arguments below then move on to explain why I believe the mind-body problem is soluble. Firstly, I will briefly discuss physicalism, the most promising lead on route to the solution of the mind-body problem. Physicalism is a theory of the mind that is an evolved version of the theory of materialism. Materialists believe that everything essentially is physical material. With the more recent developments in the field of physics, answers to important questions consisted of the immaterial. Things such as gravity, energy and time are scientifically
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