The Mind-Body Relation

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Conclusion The concept of the relation between the mind and body, between what motivates thinking, and the possibility of an unknown quantity called the soul controlling the mind and body has existed through out history. The mystic and the metaphysical explanation of mankind took into consideration an inexplicable resident or entity that governed not only the body but also the mind. The mind was not associated with the physical brain. The mind was a system believed to be controlled by an entity called the soul. Looking at this chain of thought, it has to be noted that Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, argued that the soul is incorporeal, being intangible and spiritual; the mind was the intellect, meaning it had knowledge or it is where the person stores their knowledge. Descartes, a 1500's philosopher, argued that the incorporeal soul is solely identical with the mind with the exception of perception and the senses. One might say the soul and the spirits are located in the heart whereas the mind is located in the brain but neither or is a physical matter. Thus it was believed that though the human soul and the mind are both connected and work simultaneously throughout the body, they are two individual things. The soul was explained on the basis of intuition: "The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning." The mind on the other hand, is where a person has their own though processes without feelings in a neurological
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