The Mind Is A Complex Part Of The Human Being That Can Elicit Emotions

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The mind is a complex part of the human being that can elicit emotions, thoughts, and reactions that influence and mold an individual’s personality and attitude. Culture, diversity, religion can also play a strong role in how an individual views the world. As well as how the individual was raised, what values were instilled, and various experiences in life. Between the attributes that are contained in the mind, a person’s culture, values, and experiences in life are the sediment for a person’s foundation. The attributes mentioned, cannot act alone to help an individual in how they will cope with various situations. Some individuals are reluctant to be resilient by accepting help and support when encountered by stressors, tragedies, or traumas in life. Others decide that they want to put on a brave face and do the best they can, yet do not communicate to anyone their problems. Consequently, this can lead for a person to repress feelings, and when they reach a breaking point emotions come out, can be of a great magnitude and dangerous. No doubt, the field of counseling and therapy is essential and beneficial to just about everyone. Case Study/Stressors Take, for instance, Linda’s case who is a 42-year-old Hispanic female who lives in NYC. She is facing the following social stressors: finding out her husband of 21 years has been meeting up with various women, helping her live-in mother with her legal problems, and has her two children of college age at home. An environmental
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