The Mind Is An Action

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The Great Ideals The exploration of the mind is an action. To explore and think of new ideas is another worldly concept that can be achieve by anyone. Ideas of one 's own is a creation that can be utilized throughout history. In the present, scholars and professors utilize works from great thinkers whom put into perspective different ways to view the world that one lives in. From allegories to theories of the body, all great thinkers have a mind that is different, in which contributes to the world for further use and exploration. In depth, philosopher Plato, thinker Francis Bacon, and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, have all been put into perspective for new ways of developing and analyzing thought. Initially, philosopher Plato with his…show more content…
For example, he may see a shadow of a cat and label it "dog". Ultimately, he is right in what he is naming the shadow for the reason of he cannot physically turn his head to view what it is and deficit of knowledge. For further detail, "Plato 's allegory has been persuasive for centuries and remains at the center of thought that attempts to counter the pleasures of the sensual life" (Jacobus 866). Plato has entered minds throughout nations, displaying a question of enlightenment based off one 's senses and how one 's perceive them. To add on, Plato 's cave is seen in many forms of depictions. Individuals have given many definitions to what his allegory is portraying. In short, it is man in a cave with no view of the outside light and is set to have his life perceived by mere shadows. Morris explains, "The shadows are what the prisoners deem to be real, so they must stand for what we deem to be real" (418). Plato classifys the cave 's world as the "Lower World", meaning no act of wisdom is inside for all man knows is one place. Plato also classify 's the outside world as the "Upper World" as being the world of wisdom or enlightenment. As his allegory precedes, the man finds his way out and sees the "Upper World" first hand. When viewing what he does not know leads him to find that this is the truth and everyone in that cave should hear of it. Morris explains, "Because it is self-verifying, there will be
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