The Mind Of A Serial Killer

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In the Mind of a Serial Killer Hearing about a serial killer on the new or by a person bring a lot of attention to us. We want to know all about the killer. What he did? Why did he do? The serial killer becomes into a celebrity like figure. Even though he fears of coming into contact with that person we are still open to hear about them. We physically do not want to come in contact with this person because we fear of being their next victim or become hurt by them. But since we are nowhere near this individual we do not mind hearing and knowing about that individual. It is like a form of protection we create around us. When a serial killer is mentioned to us it is like someone is telling us a scary story and it captivates our complete attention and want to know more. We should not completely distance ourselves from these serial killers. We should understand why they committed those crimes because even serial killer out there has reason for their crimes. A serial killer from Sapucai, Brazil, Pedro Rodrigues Filho became known as “Little Peter the Killer”. He was called that because at only the age of 13 he attempted to committed his first murder. By trying to push his own cousin into a sugar cane press, which he was unsuccessful with. He was born with a damaged because when he was still in his mother womb his father would physically abuse Pedro’s mother. Even after he was born he was physically abused by his father. His first murder was only at the age of 14, where he
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