The Mind Of The Brain

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The brain is possibly the most fascinating thing in this entire world. It controls and creates our realities. The brain functions through three different mind levels- conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.The idea of three levels of mind was introduced by an Austrian psychologist, Sigmund Freud. He used an Iceberg as an analogy to describe each level in the brain.( Appendix #) The tip of the Iceberg is the conscious level and it represents about 10% of the brain’s capacity. Humans spend more time living their day to day lives using the conscious mind. Next level is the subconscious and it is responsible for 50-60% of the brain’s capacity and is used to communicate between the conscious and unconscious level. Lastly, the unconscious level controls 30-40% of the brain and provides us the means to all our interactions with the world. These three are the basis of any human.
Coming close to the end of my Sophomore year of High School, relatives and friends of my parents often ask me where I am interested in going to college and what I plan on pursuing as my career afterwards. I would answer with the typical “I don’t know yet”. However, reflecting more and more on what I want to do, I realized that I am interested in the brain and how it functions. I want to better understand people and why they think, feel, and act a certain way and all of that comes from their brain. I figured I would wait to learn about the brain in later classes in school and college,…

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