The Mind Of Thinking

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Happiness Together There are many different ideas as to the connection happiness and suffering have to each other and how these two things then tie into our lives. Religion and community as well as many other variables effect our ideas on our personal wellbeing and how we handle pain day to day. The stoic way of thinking, as presented by Roman philosopher Epictetus, would have us see suffering as a universal force in life that we may escape to achieve happiness. Others, like writer David Brooks, present suffering as the ultimate teacher, the force that shows us how to surpass our physical and mental limits. I agree with David Brooks and his idea about learning from the suffering we experience. I do not, however, agree with Epictetus and his stoic ideology. He believes that the forces of pain that we can control in our own lives should be avoided to insure our own wellbeing. This requires the disconnection from parts of our lives that I find necessary for overall happiness and contentment. The existence of suffering in our lives allows us to find our own forms of happiness, and through suffering, we collectively learn and teach one another to find happiness within our lives. First, I would like to start by concretely defining what suffering means so it can be understood throughout this essay. Suffering is mental, physical, and psychological stress or pain that we feel daily. It can be extremely varied in its cause and intensity, from just being a stubbed toe to the loss of
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