The Mind, The Body, Or The Soul

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Throughout the ages, people have sought to understand what makes them who they are, and where their identity lies. In general, people have believed identity to lie in one of three places: the mind, the body, or the soul. With that said, the organization on the subject often stops there, the differences between the three beliefs being often unclear. For example, since most agree that the mind and soul reside in the body, the differences between these and the body are often not understood or well defined. Given the recent scientific discoveries linking mental processes to the brain, we will define the mind as the physical brain and all of its processes, the soul as anything intangible in or around the body, and everything physical but the brain to be the body. Despite all three being popular ideas, the soul is very unlikely to even exist, and the body, while being part of our identity, is not responsible for the qualities that make us who we are, and thus, the mind has to be the responsible for making us who we are. Perhaps the most bizarre of the three ideas is the idea of the soul, as it is defined as something which we cannot observe. The precise origin to the idea is unknown, but it is likely to have begun in relation to religion, as it would be necessary for life after physical death to be possible. Although this idea is very popular, especially among many religions, the existence of the soul is impossible to prove due to its very nature, and thus requires a leap of
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