The Mind : The Common Ground Of Science And Spirituality

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With this controversy of trying to figure out reality and the universe comes the understanding of our own consciousness. Alan Wallace takes a look into becoming consciously aware of your own self and consciousness in his book, “Embracing Mind: The Common Ground of Science and Spirituality.” However, this idea of metaphysical materialism and naturalism can challenge this notion of conscious awareness because it involves this idea that our mind can persuade our body, whereas metaphysical materialism/ naturalism believes that the body persuades the mind. Therefore, Wallace’s look at conscious awareness is challenging the notion of metaphysical materialism and naturalism.
In order to understand this, I had to understand that metaphysical naturalism and materialism is actually also known as scientific materialism. Scientific materialism is this idea of a material reality and Wallace doesn’t think that it is accurate; he sees it as an assumption. Scientific materialism involves the idea of reductionism, which means that things can be reduced down to component parts. So, a phenomenon can be reduced down to a smaller part. This is also known as upward causality, which means that in order for us to understand the mind, we need to understand molecules, then cells, the brain/ body before we can begin to understand the mind (Wallace/ Notes). This can also be described as understanding material concepts in order to understand nonmaterial concepts. Metaphysical materialism and

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