The Mind and the Physical Body Essay

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The Mind and the Physical Body

Since the times of Plato and Aristotle, the argument of dualism and mutualism of the mind and body has been in existence. Dualism has been the driving force behind the existence of the mind/body problem and has been by far the majority view due largely to the influence of Descartes. In recent times, modern medicine has taken a shift towards mutualism. Outside stimuli, as perceived by the mind, affects the body either beneficially or adversely. While the body as an organism has the capacity to heal, evidence proves that the mind expedites recovery. The mind and body are one. Evidence of this mutualism exists in Divakaruni's "What the Body Knows." This story shows that the condition of the mind is a
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The incidents have poisoned her thinking and her health. Aparna is operated on but still shows no sign of a healthy recovery. The staff is very quiet and mum to her while she is poked and prodded some more. Adding more to the negativity, she overhears a desk nurse telling Umesh that she's lost the will to live. The nurse advises him to take her son to her, which he does with hope. The baby is squirrelly and she feels slighted as a mother. She has her friend take him, not so much out of rejection but frustration--he is getting stronger while she grows weaker. Her negative experiences with bringing life into the world have twisted her perceptions in her mind and her body dwindles further into oblivion. - Not until the surgeon, Dr. Michaels, tells her about the operation does her recovery actually begin. The doctor gives her detailed information on the procedure, noting that no one wanted to operate on her. He told her of being knocked kneed with fear and how intense the operation was. Dr. Michaels honesty with her in the details of the operation, his own feelings and how he felt she was giving up was music to Aparna's ears. Aparna finally had the positive stimuli that she had not experienced from the staff or even from her husband. She reaches out to him feeling the warmth of his cheek noting the warmth and life in him; reinforcing

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