The Mind of a Marketing Manager

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Thinking: The mind of a marketing genius

Thinking: The mind of a marketing genius

* Where are the best opportunities for your business today? How do you stand out in crowded markets? How do you deliver the best solutions for customers, and the best returns to shareholders? * Where should you focus amidst this complexity? What is your competitive advantage? Which markets, brands, products and customers should you prioritize in order to maximize value creation?

* What is your defining purpose? How do you reflect the aspirations of your stakeholders? How could you make more of your brand, in new markets or applications? And how do you capture its full impact over time?

* Who are the customers
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However, most business strategies are inadequate for today 's markets. They are developed without sufficient context, they are developed inside out rather than outside in. They promote evolution rather than revolution, avoiding hard decisions, seeking to do what is currently done, even if it is increasingly out of synch with the market. They lack the stretch to see the future


Customer Strategy

Strategy itself is a widely misunderstood term. As a word it is often misused as tactics - 'Wh our strategy to win this sale? ' - or as a plan - 'What is our strategy for next year?1 The real=

marketinc genius

that strategy is about a sustained approach, requiring flexibility and review in a fast-changing world, but typically scoped over at least three years.

* Corporate strategy is about the overall organization 's purpose, the mission of the com pany, and the vision of what such will look like. This drives what business areas we should be in. It sets the context. Brand values and culture should align to this, providing a clear articulation of the purpose in a way that captures the difference from others, and how it is relevant to the audience.

* Business strategy typically refers to a specific business unit, e.g. sports cars, trucks, aero space. At its simplest it defines where and how to

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