The Minds Of Humans Are Imperfect

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The minds of humans are imperfect. It is for this reason that it is often easy to mistake fantasies and reality. Fantasies can be described as wishful thinking, as imagining something perfect and they may or may not have their roots based on reality. Therefore, reality is what we can deduce from the fives senses and experience. In Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, many different kinds of women are encountered throughout the adventures of Don Quixote. There are poor peasants, rich vassals, prostitutes, and even shepherdess. Women in this novel seem to fall under either women of fantasy or as a women of reality. There is a stark difference between the two groups of women, but sometimes they are so sublime that they may even jump between women of fantasy and those of reality. Dorotea, the rich peasant and wife of the nobleman Don Fernando, and Luscinda, a very wealthy women and wife to Cardenio, would fall explicitly into the category of sublime women which can transcend from reality to fantasy and work their way between either realm. Dulcinea and Aldonza Lorenza fall into categories the very contrasting categories of fantasy and reality, respectively. Therefore, Luscinda, Dorotea, and Dulcinea serve as the fantastical ideals that men desire women to be, but truth of the matter is that most women of the time were what Aldonza Lorenzo was a women of reality.
As far as the most ordinary woman of the three fantastical women of part I, Luscinda is the one that most fits that
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