The Minds Of Serial Killers

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Penetrating into the skull of a young boy he began to transmit a flow of sulfuric acid into the head of his benumbed victim to construct a zombie to fulfill all of his fantasies. Dead within a day, he macerated the head of his victim, placing it into a cooler next to the skulls of those who came before. Dismembering the remains of the corpse he arranged skin, bone, and blood into a thirty-gallon cask of acid dissolving what remained of the young boy. This is the dark mind of Jeffrey Dahmer, he murdered not in hatred, vengeance, or financial enrichment but on pure impulse and lust. Forensic psychoanalysts have picked apart the minds of serial killers to find answers as to what causes them to carry out such perverse acts.
Many believe it is impervious for an innocent adolescent to be born with the capability to commit a heinous act suchlike murder. But how could we depraved humanity so much as to turn an innocent child into a homicidal lunatic? This theory has been long disputed by psychologists and criminologists alike, who continuously bicker over whether or not these “degenerates” should be damned for their acts or granted amnesty for being born with an attribute beyond their control. Serial murderers are some of the most terrifying yet brilliant human beings in history due to their ability to kill numerous amounts of people and still have no remorse for their tormented victims.
For some reason, I was never all that afflicted by the terrors of the cinema. While appealing,
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