The Minds of Serial Killers and how They Work

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A serial killer is to be known as a killer that will pause for a long period of time before killed more peope. After a serial killer killed one person, they would wait months or years before they killed another and pause after that and they did that till they were caught. But, a man or woman doesn’t just decide one day that they will kill people, it all starts when they were a child. What makes a person want to kill and why can’t we get into a serial killers mind? It may be the way they were raised. It also might be that they were beaten as a child, or their parents abused them, or maybe they were being bullied because they were different from the others. Most of these caused one thing prior to them wanting to kill, and that is because of …show more content…
It’s pretty clear that mental illness is not enough to cause violence because most people who are mentally ill are not violent. It’s also evident that neurological damage is not enough to cause violence because the vast majority of people who are neurologically impaired are not violent. And it’s clear that the experience of horrendous child abuse is not enough to cause violence because most people who are abused that way are not violent. Yet, most violent people have these three factors, or two of the three. That’s an indisputable fact. The theory that explains it is that abuse sets up an impulse toward violence that a good brain can control. If you get the abuse and the neurological damage and mental illness, then violent impulses are not easy to check. That’s why they are expressed under stress or at times of jealousy or anger.
Hansen - It seems mysterious that people suddenly become violent killers after years of a seemingly normal life. For some of them, it takes 30 years to become violent, while others are killers at age 12.
Pincus - It’s during periods of mania, when a killer feels released from the constraints of society, and during periods of depression, when he’s feeling victimized again, that he’s likely to be a perpetrator. A lot of serial killers do all of what they do within a little space of time; then there’s a period of calm and they do it again.

Some people believe that the killers are psychopaths and/or
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