The Mindset Of Building Golf Courses

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The mindset of building golf courses has changed due to the fact of the rapidly evolving education system. If one wanted to become a golf course architect before the 1970’s he/she did not have to receive any college course work to be an architect. Many older golf course architects are former PGA professionals, retired golfers, or greenkeepers. Between the 1970’s and 2000, a majority of architects went to school for four years to obtain their bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Therefore, with the rapid technology and education advances in today’s world, we have to continually strive to further educate ourselves in this field.
However, since there are so many different parts of golf course architecture, there is also multiple studies that will fall under this particular field. Certainly, golf course design is not without its engineering applications: civil engineering for the grading of the course, hydraulic engineering for planning the irrigation systems, and regional planning and design for a golf community (Doak). Today, most golf course designers go to school for eight years to receive their master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. A 2013 study from the National Golf Foundation found that the industry lost 4.7 million golfers since 2005 (Hwang). Also, many people who are not involved in the golf industry, speculate, that it is in severe decline and believe that one should not take up golf course design as their professional career. This however is far from
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