The Minerva System

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1. What has been your involvement in Beuth? Honestly, my initial reaction to the minerva meetings was that I was surprised about the meetings because I really did not see the point in just voting for events.The very first meeting was where many people people came and a lot of upperclassmen came as well and they were the ones who mostly introduced the events and I did not know a whole lot about the minerva system. Initially, the meaning of minerva houses is oblivious to most incoming freshman and I realized this when I was helping out as a student ambassador for Union College and asking the families if they had any questions about this college and most of the families wanted to know more about the minerva system as this a concept…show more content…
The meetings really encourage everyone to show their creative side and since it is mostly freshman who attend the meeting it is a safe place so even the shiest people can participate. The first minerva meeting that I observed was how the minerva system works and realized that it was a pretty simple process of getting an idea approved. I have observed that minerva meetings are places where students are encouraged to take action on an event that they are thinking about everyone is given an equal chance. What has always stuck with me about the meetings is that all clubs and students are encouraged to work together when they come up with the same events and make it even better and not outdo each other. I have had a first hand experience of this because the club that I am involved in wanted to do a week long event on the Syrian Refugee Crisis and we had it planned and someone also said that the he/she wanted to to do a dinner and discussion on this event so we said that we have also thought about this and we were informed that the minerva aren’t a place for competition and rather we should combine our ideas and maybe join together and this was a great learning experience for me and others. My friend and I decided to propose an event to the minerva council about an international talent night to the council so they suggested some ways to just as best time, performer groups and other ideas for this event and this really
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