The Miniature Wife, The Wife And Husband

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In the story the miniature wife, the wife and husband have issues with their marriage. The couple tries dealing with their issues, but they grow more apart when they try working the issues out. Many people in the world deal with issues in their marriage. There are many approaches people can try to work on their issues, some of these issues are listening to each other, treat each other equally, and bring changes to the marriage. First of all listening is one of the keys to a relationship, Mr listen to the Mrs. And Mrs. Listen to the Mr. The wife and the husband don’t listen to each other as the husband states “So she screamed, but I couldn’t hear her.” (27) The husband tried to solve this issue by shrinking a phone to talk to him. The phone went unanswered when the husband tried to contact her. Now the wife wasn’t listening to the husband. In my experience, my mom and my dad didn’t listen to each other at times and things would go horribly wrong. In a situation such as getting lost on a trip to Arizona, my Dad didn’t ask for directions as my Mom asked him to. Things went horribly wrong as it did in the story. According to many marriage issues start because one doesn’t listen to other important issues causing a bigger issue to be made. As in the story the couple didn’t listen to each other and a war started between them. Solving the issue must be approached by the one of them putting everything that has been going in the past behind them, and ask the
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