The Minimum Drinking Age Act Of 1984

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Let’s face it; alcohol is an excessively abused drug. Underage parties involving alcohol are increasing in popularity among high school and college-aged students. The drinking age should be lowered to 18 because adults can legally marry, begin a career and support a family, as well as serve in the military and prison. Along with these and many other reasons, the rebellious nature for wanting to participate in illegal activities is an immense driving force for why teens and young adults drink illegally. Why is the Minimum Legal Drinking Age 21? State governments decided their own individual drinking age after Prohibition ended in 1933. Through out the course of the Vietnam War, some states lowered their drinking age to 18, 19, and 20…show more content…
Consequently, teens and young adults find that illegal alcohol consumption, along with other similar activities will make them seem cooler to his or her peers. Teens do not drink soda because it’s “cool.” Teens drink soda in order to quench thirst and also because of the satisfying taste that soda offers. Plot twist: if soda were to become illegal, there would be a black market created within the next day. Most teens abuse alcohol as often as they do because it is illegal. Despite the current legal drinking age being 21, underage drinkers have a virtually unlimited supply to alcohol because parents, siblings, and friends that are of age can easily supply them with booze; 26 percent of underage drinkers receive alcohol from parents or family members. In fact, 40 percent of young adults receive alcoholic beverages from friends and family (2008, Edgar Snyder). “When asked how easy it would be to get alcohol, most 8th, 10th, and 12th graders said ‘fairly easy’ or ‘very easy’” (2008, Edgar Snyder). One main reason drinking should be allowed for college-aged students is because they are all adults, and should have equal rights as any other adult once they turn 18. As legal adults, 18-year-olds hold the option to serve in the military and die for the United States of America, can purchase cigarettes, and are able to wed, and live on their own. Along with legal obligations such as paying taxes and standing as an active jury member, adults can take out loans,
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