The Minimum Health, Safety And Environment Requirements

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1 Objectives
To define the minimum health, safety and environment requirements to be applied within offices.
2 Scope and Applicability
This standard applies at all work locations under Company management, and locations managed by a joint venture of which Company is a partner. For portable, temporary or field offices every attempt should be made to meet the requirements of this standard. Modifications to the requirements contained herein can be made through the Process Improvement Process.
This standard also applies to work locations where another party manages and Company personnel undertake work, and to all Company managed personnel while engaged in any activity on behalf of Company.
Where customers or joint venture partners propose that their standards shall apply at a particular work location the Company/Customer HSE Bridging Plan Template shall be used to ensure that the customer or joint venture partner standard(s) meet the minimum requirements of this standard.
This standard shall be applied to all Company personnel, contractors and their subcontractors. Contractors may, however, when agreed through the Company engagement processes, utilize their own standards and procedures in so far as the requirements of their standards are at least equivalent to those of this standard, the Customer’s standards and those of applicable National and Local regulations which should be read and complied with in conjunction with this standard.
3 Responsibilities
The implementation of…
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