The Minimum Standards Should Be For A Police Officer

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The question you ask this time is what the minimum standards should be for a police officer. By this I am assuming you are making a generalized statement for uniformed patrol officer and not an investigator or special agent category of law enforcement. For the standard patrol officer in my opinion the mere basics required should be a high school diploma, with attempted progress into an associate’s degree, to show an ability to continue educational requirements. I think also a minimum aptitude toward handguns and long rifles would be beneficial but not required if officer is going to be a parking cop or “meter maid” as they were once called but I would find that dangerous. I would suggest a minimum of some form of academy, though I dislike how many departments exclude any training that is not their own, training so that they now basics of law enforcement, verbal judo, note taking, and other essential skills to a patrol officer. Age requirements also mostly in my opinion are currently mostly for public support, I would say eighteen years of age would be sufficient, if the applicant shown enough discipline and tolerance toward the public and individuals they should be working with. This is because the majority of military personnel are of age eighteen when they are allowed to enforce military law why should civilians be allowed to think that it takes a slightly more mature person to do the same job with them. It is an ignorant belief of the civilian populace but well they
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