The Minimum Wage Should Be A Basic Right For Worker

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What I Wanted To Know
If you are born poor in America today there is a great possibility that you are probably going to stay poor. The purpose of minimum wage was to keep America’s workers out of poverty. I selected this topic because minimum wage applies to everyone entering the work force. This topic resonate with me because am about to start working and I would like to know is I can support myself financially, with only one job. I wanted to know if living wage should be a basic right for worker, should we raise the minimum wage and how does changing the minimum wage affect the economy. Increasing the minimum wage will help minorities in earing a higher equality in regards to income.
The Result
According to the information on pbs new, 3.3 million Americans work at an hourly rate or below the federal minimum of $7.25. These 3.3 million Americans represent just 4.3 percent of hourly paid employees. Employees 16 and older are paid hourly; they make up nearly 60 percent of the workforce. Minimum wage workers are usually young, female and white who are often working for scandalously low paying industries. 88 percent of the young works are going to be affected by the raise in minimum wage are at least 20, half of the works are over 30, who these jobs are essential to their families incomes.
The real uncertainty about the debate over raising the minimum wage has beginning about big the increase should be. “The trade unions want the wage to be raised by 1000 to 10,200 crowns a

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