The Minimum Wage Should Be Increased

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The National Minimum Wage Should be increased to a Living Wage.

Back in 1998 Labour 's’ Tony Blair introduced the national minimum wage (NMW). It was created in aid of employers not valuing their workforce, often giving them very little wages. When it was first introduced the rate was set at £3.60 and has slowly risen to £6.70. However this is not enough to live on. It has been estimated that you need no less than £7.85 an hour, rising to £9.15 in London, to survive on. There is a clear difference in what you get to what you need. The national minimum wage needs to be increased to a living wage.

The national minimum wage is set to go up with inflation, however inflation is below 1% so I predict that the national minimum wage will go up by £0.05 rising to £6.55 at the most, this is still over £1 less, an hour, than the living wage. Ian Duncan Smith MP (Secretary of State Working Pensions) has issued a benefits cap of £26,000 a year which means no one can get over that amount in benefits, in some cases people can earn £25,000 through work but only get £1,000 in benefits where some people can get up to £26,000 in benefits if they are not working. If the living wage was the national minimum wage then there would be almost no need for benefits. Workers would be more encouraged to find work as they would earn more money. If someone was working 37 hours per week at a rate of £7.85 (the living wage) they would earn £14,911 where as if it was on the current minimum wage they

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