The Mining Industry in South Australia

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Mining industry has been the anchor of South Australia’s economy and, benefits it has provided outweigh whichever associated costs. As developed by the South Australian State Government (2013), “realising the benefits of the mining boom for all” is one of the seven strategic priorities to secure the state’s future. Mining is an important industry in South Australia because it has been a major source of minerals for the high demand in Australia and many countries (Flinders Ranges Research n.d.). This industry plays a vital part in advantaging the state in terms of economic – profits and job opportunities; social – more skilled workers and population growth in the outback; political – good state and country reputations; cultural – workforce …show more content…
In addition, planned mine expansion projects will contribute to expanding the population size in remote areas. For evidence extracted from iMINCO (2013), the Adelaide Hills area will benefit from the economic advantage in Adelaide by means of future construction and permanent mining jobs, as there is potential for hundreds of new highly-paid households in the mining industry.
On the other hand, mining industry has industrialised suburban areas by way of polluting the countryside. It has been confirmed by Kelly (2013) that greenhouse gas emissions is a major impact from massive coal mining developments and coal seam gas. Nevertheless, environmental concerns and actions have been taken – sand mining terminated its operation at Whiskey Swamp over five years ago; ODT Australis Company undertook to rehabilitate the site by demolishing constructions and reseeding the land according to Australian Mining (2013). Moreover, South Australia gained 20 per cent of jobs growth in regional areas which produce coal due to actions on cutting pollution as mentioned by the Australian Conversation Foundation (2010).
Furthermore, South Australia’s mining industry also provides cultural advantages to the state; it removes the gender and cultural barriers in the working culture today. For instance, an effective indigenous employment program is run at Thiess and OZ mining sites, which accepts applicants from nearby communities,

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