The Minister 's Black Veil

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Upon learning that this writing assignment could be about any of the numerous works contained in either Norton Volume A or Volume B, I had little doubt which author I would choose. No other stories I have read this semester have appealed to me as much as those written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Many of his works seem to have a deep meaning that the reader has to dig up and discover for himself as he reads along. This challenge presented by Hawthorne is one I enjoy taking on. The work of Hawthorne’s that I chose to critique is his short story titled “The Minister’s Black Veil.” This story takes place in the town of Milford, just southwest of Boston, at a church on the Sabbath day. The parson of the church, Reverend Hooper, leaves his house and walks toward the porch of the meeting house wearing a black veil that conceals his entire face except for his mouth and chin. The entire congregation is immediately in a stir, astonished and appalled by this mysterious veil. Nobody knows why Hooper has this veil on his face or what it means, and nobody dares to question him about it except, however, his own wife. Her attempt to attain answers from him fails, and she results to simply walking out on him because of his refusal to remove the veil. Hooper lives out the rest of his life like this with the veil over his head all the way into the grave, pressing his hands firmly on the black veil when on his deathbed so nobody could have the chance to remove it. From the beginning, I

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