The Minister 's Black Veil

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The captivating short story The Minister’s Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne focuses on the idea of Secret Sin with the use of the analogy within Parson Hooper’s Black veil. This short story began with Mr.Hooper walking into his puritan church, known as Milford, having a black veil over his eyes. With a perplexed audience, Mr. Hooper gives a powerful sermon about the idea of secret sin. Mr. Hooper states how everyone has a secret sin that people aren’t aware of but this secret sin is only visible to god. Leaving the sermon, Most of the people of the community stunned and baffled. Mr. Hooper continues to wear this Black Veil in appropriate situations such as a funeral but also in inappropriate situations such as a wedding. Mr. Hooper then chooses to wear the black veil over making happy his fiance, Elizabeth.
After pleading with him for some time, Elizabeth finally fell silent. The tears rolled down her cheeks. As she looked at him, the terrors of the black veil soon took the place of sorrow. She stood before him, trembling (Hawthorne)
. In his death bed, The minister attempts to take of his black veil but Mr.Hooper puts his hand over the veil in an attempt to stop the minister from taking off the Black Veil. Out of respect, Mr.Hooper is buried with his Black Veil.
The most prominent romanticism character in the story, “The minister’s Black Veil,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is Mr. Hooper. Mr. Hooper is a typical romantic character because he is isolated and very exaggerated in

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