The Minister 's Black Veil

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The Story The Minister 's Black Veil is very interesting in many different ways, it catches the reader 's attention. It uses American Romanticism, that is an interesting thing to use in a story to catch the reader 's attention. What that is, is to elevate the imagination over reason. today Edgar Allen Poe remains popular for his hunting poems and suspenseful stories. American Romantic writers differ than the European romanticism writers. Declaration of Independence used a lot of American romanticism. The Declaration Of Independence is a very historical and important document. There were many great American Romanticism writers that wrote lots of stories to the public about themselves or about others. Washington Loving, Edgar Allen Poe which…show more content…
Many people look at him in a strange way because that black veil usually represents a bad sign that is dark. Many people thought that he was wearing the black veil because he had killed someone or done some other bad and dark things. But Mr Hooper does not wear it because he killed someone. There is a Priest that is known to wear a black veil But he did not wear it because he killed someone in a bad way. He will wear it because he did kill someone, but it was unintentional, it was his friend and he killed him by accident and he felt really bad and sorry about it that he decided to wear a black veil for the rest of his life in memory of his friend that he will remember for the rest of his life. in ( Nathaniel Hawthorne 337) it introduces him wearing the black veil, and in ( Nathaniel Hawthorne 338 ) they explain the secret scene which it is not what people thought that it would be they were thinking a whole different thing. I personally was thinking a different bad reason why he was wearing that, I was thinking that he had killed someone. Another way that The Minister 's Black Veil uses American Romanticism is that it uses supernatural. Supernatural refers to God, which is used in many different occasions in this story of the minister and his black veil. For example, it uses it when they talk about Mr Hooper 's scene about his black veil in ( Nathaniel Hawthorne 339).
Mr Hooper is a romantic character that is very interesting to
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