The Ministry Of Forests Is A Public Organization With A Bureaucratic Organizational Structure

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The Ministry of Forests is a Public Organization with a Bureaucratic organizational structure (government of British Columbia, 2006). According to the most recent data, the organizational structure of the ministry of forests consists of “the following major elements: three forest region offices with 29 forest district offices and 4 satellite offices; 12 BC Timber Sales offices; and 6 fire centres” (government of British Columbia, 2006). The three regions that this strategic plan will be focusing on is the Northern Interior region which includes the Northeastern region, the Skeena region and the Omineca region. Northeastern region The northeastern region consists of offices in the municipalities of Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson…show more content…
This could have major ramifications for the town of Makenzie with respect to population and industry. Prince George is the largest city in the Northern Regions of BC. It boasts a population of approximately 77,000 and has all the amenities of a big city. “Wood drives the local economy, with forestry, plywood manufacture, 12 sawmills and three pulp mills as major employers and customers” (City of Prince George, 2014). Vanderhoof is a smaller town about 100 kilometres outside of Prince George. Its main industries are ranching and Forestry (Gerry, 2014). Skeena region The Skeena Region consists of offices in the municipalities of Terrace, Smithers, and Nadina. Terrace is no longer a town solely devoted on Pirmary industry. “The new Terrace is an economic hub that services the entire region of Northwest BC” (City of Terrace, 2014). Most of Terrace’s workforce now centers on the business community. With a population of approximately 5,400 people, Smithers is a town that has gradually been declining sinces 1998. “With recent announcements regarding an upswing in the mining and exploration industry and improvements on the agricultural front, it is anticipated that Smithers will experience positive growth well into the future” (Town of Smithers, 2014). The Nadina Forest district encompasses three town: Burns Lake, Houston and Granisle. The main office is located in the town of Burns Lake (Nadina Forest District, 2014). VACANCIES AND JOB

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