The Ministry Of National Defense

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The Ministry of National Defense in Seoul, South Korea operates a worldwide supply system, with the vast majority of the items being managed by the Korean Defense Logistics Agency (KDLA). The KDLA is a logistics combat support organization whose mission is to provide the best value logistics and contract management support to America 's Armed Forces around the world during both times of peace and times of war. The KDLA had the third largest storage capacity of the top 15 distribution warehouses and was a leader in MND 's efforts to supply the military services. It supported humanitarian relief efforts at home and abroad and provided logistics support to other federal agencies. KDLA transformed its business approach in order to modernize their supply chain processes and systems. This newly implemented process included order fulfillment, supply and demand planning, material management, procurement and financial management process. However, the agency didn 't simply approach this change by using big data set analytics to develop a logistics supply chain applications to grow or compete with private entities or other federal agencies. Instead they continued to develop their service offerings in reaction to the needs driven by the customers. The KDLA introduced its first complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution through the Business Systems Modernization (BSM) Program, which was fully operational in 2007. BSM and other complimentary systems now encompass the
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