The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment

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The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment is also known as (MDVE), was an experiment that evaluated the effectiveness of the police when they responded to domestic violence calls in Minneapolis. This experiment was conducted during early 80’s for over a year by Dr. Lawrence W. Sherman who at the time was the Director of Research at the Police Foundation that is a non-profit foundation to assist police department to become extra effective and by the Minneapolis Police Department with all the monetary support from the National Institute of Justice. The results were mix showing a deterrent effect for arrest and impacted the current police practices during the early 80’s. Ten years later, numerous law enforcement agencies implemented policies to enforce mandatory arrest, without any warrant, for domestic violence cases where the police officer had probable cause for an arrest since a crime had occurred. In today’s society, domestic violence is an enormous problem that we live with. Domestic Violence is the greater common form of assault or battery encountered by police. Domestic violence don’t discriminate against age, gender, sex orientation and race. We live in a society that was built on conflicts, we also live a life that is full of hate, anger, lust and envy. The majority of the domestic violence cases that police officer intervene with, the cause was jealousy. The traditional police response to this case is for non-intervene since they believe that any couples’…

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