The Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory Was Founded By Hathaway And Mckinley

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MMPI-2 History The Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory was founded by Hathaway and McKinley in the late 1930s. This test was than published in 1942 by the University of Minnesota press. In 1989, Yossef Ben-Porath, W. Grant Dahlstrom, and John Graham, revised in 2001 and updated to MMPI-2 in 2008- 2009. Now The reason behind MMPI-2 was to be able to give people a more modern perspective view on mental health and developing a scale for assessment for psychiatric patients This test was to be able to discover and assist in helping .... MMPI-2 has exactly 567 test items and it takes 90 to 60 minutes to complete. Anybody can be able to purchase the answer sheets and test booklets .The English softcover test booklets come in a package of 10 and are available for $32. The Answer sheets come in a package of 25 with the price of $20.50. The newest version of the MMPI-2 RF, contains a shorter amount of questions that consist of 338 answer choices. Purpose and nature of the test The purpose and the nature of the MMPI-2 test was created to help determine psychopathology and personality structure in Adults. This test was clinically used to be able to find numerous of experiences or behaviors that result in symptoms that consisted of mental illness. It also includes an evaluation of personality, as a measure mental distress, and could identify abnormal or maladaptive behavior. After finishing this test their answers are found in the 4 validity and 10 clinical scales. There are exactly 5

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