The Minor Prophet Hosea As A Young Man Lived Near Soil

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Isidore E. Sharpe
Professor Kenneth Yelverton
OTS – 102
18 September 2015
The Minor Prophet Hosea
The Prophet Hosea is believed to the successor of the Prophet Amos. Hosea was the only writing prophet of Israel to Israel. The name Hosea (Heb., Hoshea) means “salvation.” It is interesting to observe that the names Joshua (Num 13:16) and Jesus (Matt 1:21) are derived from the same Hebrew root as Hosea. (Jensen, 6739) His father name Beeri, a middle-class merchant, a farmer or cattleman. It is uncertain about the born place of Hosea; it could have been in a town of Ephraim or Manasseh. Due to his style of writing, the Prophet Hosea as a young man lived near soil.
Hosea most likely did not attend a school of prophets, or have any formal training in a school of the prophets, but you could not tell that he did not go to the school of prophets. Hosea writing was abrupt, short, and sharp. His writings show him to be a very knowledgeable man. Scroggie says, “His message is one of the most profound and spiritual in the Old Testament.” (Scroggie). The heartbeat of God is the tone of the author, throughout the book. He declared the words of “thus saith the LORD” several times. (Jensen, 6780) It is not known originally, when God called him to be a prophet.
Hosea may have been one with tender-hearted prophets toward Israel. He had many titles as a prophet, “the prophet of the broken heart;” “the weeping prophet;” and the prophet of “Israel’s zero hour,” because “the nation had sunk to

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