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The Mirabal family hero
A hero is someone who displays courage and the will for self sacrifice in the face of danger and adversity. In the time of the butterflies out of all of the sisters, Minerva was the sister that showed the most heroism. Minerva died a hero and she still remains a hero. She stood for what she thought was right and she never backed down, not to anyone. Minerva is an extraordinary hero for many reasons, one she stood up to Trujillo when he got as close as he could to her, two she went to law school, and three she didn't think of Trujillo as her leader.
Minerva is a hero for standing up to Trujillo because other women were not able to stand up to Trujillo and they did not believe it was right or that they were strong
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" suddenly she got her permission to go to law school" maria
Teresa states in her journal.(80). After Minerva fought for what she wanted and did not back down to Trujillo, it was evident to others how badly she wanted to go to law school and what she would do in order to get there. Including having her sister write her speech about praising el jefe. " I want to go to the university.... I've always wanted to study law." Minerva said to Trujillo while dancing.(65) Minerva told
Trujillo what she wanted. Although she needed Trujillo's permission to go to law school she still would not give him the respect he demanded.
For the last of the three main reasons on why Minerva is a hero, it is because she doesn't think of Trujillo as her leader anymore. " Your older sister has been caught sneaking out of school" sor asuncion to patria.(29). Minerva has joined Elsa, Lourdes, and
Sinita in the movement against Trujillo. Patria stated " She said she wanted me to grow up in a free country"(30) Minerva wanted what's best for her sisters which was what Trujillo did not give them.
"Minerva is up to her old tricks again. She wraps a towel around the radio and lies under the bed listening to illegal radio stations" patria writes(81). Minerva knows what's best for her life mad her siblings lives which is not to support Trujillo's beliefs which is what Minerva intends to do.
Minerva in my opinion is a hero for the three main reasons I just explained which are one.
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