The Miracle Cure or Nightmare Drug? Essay

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The Miracle Cure or Nightmare Drug?

I. Introduction

It is pretty safe to say that the majority of the population, if given the opportunity, would like to be in good physical shape. For men it’s the perfect “V” shape, with muscles so finely sculpted, Michelangelo himself would be hard-pressed to mold a finer figure out of clay. For women, the desired look is the “hour glass” figure, with voluptuous breasts, thin and firm abs, and sharply defined legs.

Of all those who desire to have a great body (basically everyone), an even greater majority of these people would like to achieve this with as little effort as possible. Face it, it takes discipline and dedication to mold your body to this ideal shape, but who has either one
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This relationship is somewhat similar to that of marijuana and THC, where marijuana is the plant that is smoked with THC being the active ingredient that produces the effects that are related to marijuana.

Asian cultures were the first ones to utilize ephedra nearly 2000 years ago as a treatment for bronchial asthma. “Ephedrine mimics the effects of hormones like epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine,”[i] making it useful as a decongestant and stimulant. In addition to its effectiveness as a decongestant, ephedrine has also been found to stimulate the fat-burning processes in our bodies through thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a normal chemical reaction that occurs in all human beings. Basically, your body does three things with consumed calories: use them to meet its daily energy needs; store them for future energy requirements; or it wastes or burns calories in special cells in the body known as Brown Adipose Tissue, (BAT). This process is called thermogenesis, meaning the generation of heat. While thermogenesis works along with the metabolic process, it is different. Fat buildup occurs primarily when the BAT cells are not working right or not being activated often enough. The body deals with the excess dietary calories by storing them as body fat. The function of the BAT cells is to burn the calories your body doesn't need.”[ii]

Ephedrine is one of the main ingredients in today’s most popular thermogenics, products that stimulate thermogenesis.

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