The Miracle League of El Paso

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Introduction There are thousands of children who play sports in the communities on facilities supported by residents through their tax dollars. The Miracle League of El Paso provides disabled children and young adults in our communities who cannot participate in a sport on a conventional field with a place to play baseball. The Miracle League of El Paso removes the obstructions that stop children with disabilities off the baseball field and allows them to experience playing the field. The main obstruction for disabled children starts from the natural grass fields. The Miracle League of El Paso is about building self-esteem, making new friends, and confidence. The Miracle League of El Paso applies a "buddy" system – coupling each…show more content…
"According to the 2000 Census Bureau’s states there are 5.2 million children in our country that have disabilities between the ages of five and 19, and with young adults the number increases substantially." (Miracle League, 2013). Teams are divided by age and ability, which means that it is possible to have children from a wide range of ages on the same team if they play at a similar mental and physical level. There are three divisions of play, non-competitive, intermediate, and competitive. The difference is the teaching of regular baseball fundamentals in the competitive division. In non- competitive every child bats, runs, and last batter scores a home run. Intermediate division is in the middle of non-competitive and competitive division (Miracle League, 2013). The Strengths of the Miracle League of El Paso is the ability to reach out to disabled children no matter their age is to become involved in a recreational sport such as baseball that schools, and little league teams would not include a disabled child. The main advantage of the Miracle League of El Paso is that this League is the only one of its kind in El Paso. The weakness of the Miracle League of El Paso is that the location is the only location for the park, and many children come from all parts of El Paso. A few children live in New Mexico. Because of the economy 's situation many parents or relatives

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