The Miracles At Little No Horse

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Long ago, huge puffy white clouds glided across the vast bodies of water surrounding the land of the Native Americans. The tribes were thrilled yet shocked at the same time to see them. Little did the natives of America know that these harmless looking fluffy clouds were actually huge vessels filled with their descending doom. Western civilization took hold quickly on Native Americans and had disastrous effects on a majority of them. Some native individuals resented the colonization and fought back the white control. Others gave in to the different white policies and adopted the lifestyles of their own enemies. Some who gave in to the western influences, returned back to their “land, language and love of ancient traditions” (Louise Erdrich). Leslie Mormon Silko and Louis Erdrich, authors of Ceremony and The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse respectively, reflect on this aspect of Native American colonization by introducing the theme of “Coming Home” in their novels, where the main characters Tayo and Agnes Dewitt respectively, give in at first to western influences on their minds, but eventually come to realize their true selves by returning to their rightful place and niche within Native American society. Tayo, a young man of Laguna and white blood, goes through posttraumatic stress disorder due to witnessing the death of his beloved cousin Rocky during World War 2 (a western influence). After this tragic event Tayo is completely delirious. His mind
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