The Miracles Of St. James

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There were also stories about St. James ' retaliations against non-believers who questioned his power. Constable translates a story about Saracens who took over Compostela, and "by divine retribution, some of them were afflicted by looseness of the bowels, and shot whatever they had in their bellies out through their back passages. Others lost the sight of their eyes and wandered blindly about the church and the city." This account demonstrates what could happen if one did not show proper respect towards St. James. This served as a warning to whoever had evil intents towards the cathedral. Later in the story, Al-Mansur claims that if St. James restores him to his "earlier state of health" then he would renounce "Muhammad and will not come again to the land of great St. James bent on taking booty." The story has evolved into a conversion story. This showcases the power of Roman Catholic saints against non-believers, and how saintly actions can so powerfully affect individuals. Like the previous stories about the miracles of St. James, this would have been written for a Christian audience, as it has such a negative attitude towards the Saracens. Constable also translated a part from the Guide du Pelerin where "two penniless pilgrims returning from Compostela tried a whole street of houses before they were finally offered lodging. During the night all the houses in that street were burned down, apart from the one in which the pilgrims had spent the night." This story…
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