The Miracles Of The Kingdom Of God

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The miracles of Jesus speak to us about the nature and the demands of the Kingdom of God. Lohfink (2012, 40) states that “God makes demands on people. The in-breaking of the reign of God establishes new and definitive standards for human action.” Miracles convey the reality of God’s kingly rule in that they announce the arrival of the Kingdom and show God breaking into history to save the lost and outcast. Miracles are depicted as “signs” of the Kingdom and this is evident in the gospels when the poor would hear the Good News, the blind would see and the people oppressed would no longer have to suffer. Thus, the coming of the Kingdom of God is a time of salvation. This essay will demonstrate the ways in which the miracles are significant in showing the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God in the gospel of Matthew whilst examining other important aspects of miracles and the role they play in this gospel. With the development of redaction criticism we can note and clearly see the changes that each evangelist has made to suit their own theological purposes. Paying particular attention Matthew’s gospel, we can see that he has redacted or edited material within his gospel to suit his own theological needs. Harrington (1991, 122) puts forward that (Matt 8:18-9:8) “…shows some of Matthew’s characteristic moves as an editor. He not only shortens the Markan accounts by omitting unnecessary details but also brings out themes by subtle additions.” In the first miracle after the Sermon

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