The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

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“Once, in a house on Egypt street, there lived a rabbit who was made entirely of China…”(DiCamillo 1). These are the seventeen short words that began my obsessive love for literature. An insignificant sentence from the first book I read on my own, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, influenced me to fall in love with the art of reading and writing. After reading this incredible piece of work, I desired to further my knowledge in all types of literature.
In search of more information, I came across another book I rather enjoyed, although this book was a bit different. A poetry book was my newest influence on my artistic yet newly developing writer’s voice. I adored the way the sentences structured and random words rhymed, everything from the alliterations and allusions to the heart stopping dramatizing cadences. I loved the way the poetic words just flow through the mind like waves flowing through the smooth ocean water. It became my inspiration for future greatness.
I was no longer just reading the poetry I had come to love, but also writing it. I was creating my own waves of symbolic literature on the paper. The words seemed to fall into place as if I was meant to write my many perspectives on the unmarked paper. The pages did not maintain their blank disguise for long due to my constant need to fill them with my thoughts, emotions, stories, and everything else going through my mind. These words meant nothing to the people around me, but to me, they meant everything.…
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