The Mirand Case Versus the State of Arizona

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Miranda v. Arizona was a landmark case because now almost everybody knows about this case because of the Miranda Rights that were a direct result of this case, and the Supreme Court’s ruling. The Supreme Courts ruling that it was against Miranda’s rights, then because of this decision they made the Miranda Rights. The Supreme Court was correct in the ruling of Miranda v. Arizona, which they ruled in favor of Ernesto Miranda because his fifth and sixth amendment rights were violated. They were violated because he was not told his rights when he was arrested, and they did not give him the right to a lawyer. (Miranda v. Arizona The majority opinion in this case was for Miranda, the majority opinion was wrote by Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Majority said that Miranda’s confession could not be used in court because the police had not informed Miranda of his rights to a attorney, and against self-incrimination, which are rights guaranteed to citizens of the United States by the fifth, and sixth amendments to the United States Constitution. The fifth amendment says that suspects of crimes have to be informed of their rights during an arrest including the right to remain silent. The sixth amendment says that people have to be informed of right to a fair hearing after the arrest. (Miranda v. Arizona The majority opinion based their decision on that when Miranda was arrested he was not informed of his rights. One of Miranda's rights that

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