The Mirror Image Of A Girl

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When I reflect on my life, I often feel like I am looking at a mirror image of myself. One of the most important moments was in fourth grade. The mirror showed an image of a girl, a girl who was alone, trapped, and depressed after being constantly attacked by words of judgement by her peers. “Hey F.O.B.,” my peers would call. “Go back to your home land, you sound like you are from China,” they teased. I felt unwelcoming--- not only because they categorized me as Chinese when in fact I am Vietnamese -- but because I was being treated merely like a foreigner, outsider and not a “friend” even though I was physically standing on American soil. How would you feel like if you were to be called by names day in and day out? 1.2.3 Throughout elementary and even into high school, kids seem to build an arsenal of names getting updated every week that harms us in unfathomable ways. 1.2.3 Today, many students are still victims of this oppressive institution because schools do not provide enough anti-bullying programs to help get the “no racial bullying” message across. The bullies’ words hurt more than expected, they influences the way we see ourselves and the world around us giving us a nonrealistic view of what a beautiful world this place should be. For me, it was that fake image of that once beautiful girl inside the world deemed as imperfect. It took many years and many supportive friends and family to help me realize that I was not the wrong doer. It was my peers, they were ones
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