The Mirror Like Reflection Of Art

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The mirror-like reflection
Art can tell stories of the past events, which were significant to that culture or a person. Female images take a special place in the representation of the art. Women have always been used as a subject of art and displayed as ideal feminine figures and sexualized objects of desire. The notion of femininity, along with the idea of the female gender role, has substantially changed throughout the centuries. Through the several art pieces authors show how the social, political, and religious circumstances of the different art periods affect the way women were represented. Comparing the work of Johannes Vermeer and Philippe Halsman it is clearly to see how the separations of centuries and different techniques affected the vision of the women’s beauty. Although both, American actress Grace Kelly and The Milkmaid, represent femininity as the main idea, one shows a realistic expression of the beauty, the other image is the author’s perception of the same idea through the different composition settings, style, and creation time.
Influenced by the detailed realism, Johannes Vermeer overcomes the interdicts of his time by creating his most illusionistic image in The Milkmaid. (figure 1) The painting seems almost photographic in its realism. Constantly experimenting with different techniques, Vermeer had secretly used the lens-and-mirror contraptions to achieve his photo-realistic effects. The woman, seen in the three-quarter view, pouring a milk from a jug,

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