The Misconceptions About Women in Islam Essay

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The Misconceptions About Women in Islam

While people in the west think that women in Islam are oppressed, they do not know that Islam liberated women from oppression. There are many people who have opinions about the religion of Islam, but mostly about the women who follow it. Westerners have this idea that women in Islam are disrespected, mistreated and oppressed. In actuality, these allegations are incorrect. Women in Islam have rights and are not oppressed. The veil is widely misunderstood and many do not know what it represents. In many ways, men and women are equal as much as they are not; and this is in every religion. In Islam women are given many rights, such as owning properties, having an education, working, and
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He wrote a book, Islam; What Everyone Needs to Know and states in it that “The revelation of Islam raised the status of women by prohibiting female infanticide, abolish women’s status as property, establishing women’s legal capacity, granting women the right to receive their own dowry, changing marriage from a proprietary to a contractual relationship, and allowing women to retain control over their property and to use their maiden name after marriage.” (p. 89). The hijab, also known as the veil, is widely misunderstood. Westerners believe that this is yet another sign of oppression. Wearing the hijab has many reasons behind it, “The custom of veiling is associated with Islam because of a passage that says, “Say to the believing women they should lower their gazes and guard their modesty. They should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty.” (24:31). The veil represents the religion of Islam. It stands for modesty, and that there is more to a woman than how she styles her hair. A woman should be judged for what she says than how she looks. In the Qu’ran chapter 24 verse 32, it states “And say to the believing women that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment except that which is apparent thereof, and that they draw their head-coverings over….and that they display not their beauty or

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