The Misconceptions Of Bipolar Disorder

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Expounding on Bipolar Disorders Bipolar Disorder is much more common than most people think. With an average of about 2.6% of the US population diagnosed, Bipolar Disorder has become the sixth leading cause of disability in the country. Despite its popularity, the different types of bipolar disorder are the hardest psychological disorders to identify and treat because of the many close similarities between them and with other disorders. Bipolar Disorder is one of the top misdiagnosed disorders. Surprisingly, there is a common misdiagnosis between women; Bipolar Disorder will sometimes be misdiagnosed as regular depression. While in men, Bipolar Disorder is more misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. The average age of onset is about 25 but can be as young as early childhood or as old as late adulthood. There is a higher possibility of a child developing Bipolar Disorder if there is a history of the disorder in the family. This increasing number has caused many research facilities to conduct a multitude of studies on whether or not this disorder can be genetic. There have been no conclusive results with these studies. An average of about one in five people with Bipolar Disorder commits suicide. This disorder though treatable is not curable; it is a lifelong disease. The more we learn about the different types of Bipolar Disorder such as Major Depressive Episode, Hypomanic Episode, and Manic Episode the more we will be able to diagnose, treat and even one day cure! Bipolar Disorder
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